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Complaint procedure – GAC German Application Center UG

This form serves as a written explanation of the German Application Centers complaint procedure:

1. Contact Persons:

Complaints can be made in writing by email to or by telephone at +49 1624250806. The contact persons for handling complaints are Mr. Kumar and Ms. Theyßen.

2. Filing the Complaint:

Complaints must contain all relevant information, including the name of the complainant, a detailed description of the incident and supporting documents, if applicable.

3. Processing Period

The complaint procedure will be completed within a maximum period of three weeks from the date of receipt of the complaint. The complainant will be regularly informed of the progress.

4. Transparent process:

The complaints procedure is clearly regulated, freely accessible and transparent. Complainants receive confirmation of receipt of their complaint and a summary of the actions and decisions taken.

5. Conclusion and Feedback

Once the complaint process has been completed, the complainant will be sent written notification of the results and, if necessary, any action taken. Feedback on satisfaction with the process is welcome and will be used for continuous improvement.

6. Data protection

Compliance with data protection law is guaranteed.

As of: 01/02/2024, Cologne